Speaker - Howard Berg - Speed Reading

Howard Berg, Rotarian, World Record Holder for Speed Reading.  National Speaker and Educator.  Talked about Speed reading technics, Emotional Strength Exercises, and Memory Exercises.  Talked about these things.  Talkad about his in school programs, and individual programs.  Discussed doing seminar with us as a fund raiser.  Offered Rotarian and School discounts.
Let's Get everyone Doing...  Not just talking
Let's get everyone moving and learning...



Phil - Discussed meeting in December for the Community Compost Project.  Discussed going after Rotary Grant and UNH grad students.
Steph - Talked about Fund Raising Auction.  John B and Renee W formed a Committee to put it together.  We discussed using or www.better
Need Everyone to think about GETTING DONATIONS for the auction.
Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?