January 29, 2020
Pres. Russ: DBA and Celebrate Durham event tonight at the Stone Church from 5 - 7 PM ... There is a Sustainable Development conference RI has scheduled for Nov '20 in Anchorage and Jan '21 in Bermuda ... The Freeport club is putting together a Global Grant for a Kenyan project to teach 150 women agricultural best practices.  Four other projects are in the pipeline and twenty-three others are underway (details on the district website). The club is looking for partners.
Steve: The Mid-Year Dinner was interesting - lots going on in the district ... We may want to revisit the school project of painting a ground map of the US using district's large stencil ... The RI Convention this year will be in Honolulu from Jun 6th - 10th.  Registration at a reduced price opens next month.
Brian Keegan, owner of Oyster River Cycle and Sport, came to talk about bridging the gap in the public's knowledge of available trails in the area.  The trails need marking and clearing (Doe Farm is done), and a growing number of young people and retirees are turning out to get it done.  Maps also need to be made of the trail network.  Trail walks are good for the health of the community (Chuck added the term "Forest Immersion" said to be good for the brain).  The next effort is scheduled for Feb 8th - see the Friday Update for details.
Ellen Snyder told us that Durham has established a Land Stewardship committee in the Conservation Commission.  It is charged with studying town-owned property, attracting volunteers to projects, and soliciting funds.  One of their projects is to redesign the Sweet Trail bridge to reduce the need for our frequent repair projects.
Megabucks: about $40
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Russell Hampton
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Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?