July 24, 2019
Pres. Russ: Welcomed our District Governor, Andy Glazier, and his wife Pam ... He read Thank You notes from the Durham chapter of Ending 68 Hours of Hunger for our donation of $200, and from Hyder House Hospice for our donation of $250 ... The Swap Shop project worked out well (Ed. note: we were recognized also in the Friday Update) so thanks to all those who worked that morning ... Finally, our exhibit at Durham Day is not going to happen as they have cancelled it so as to not jeopardize their work on shoreline restoration.
Ric: Breakfast scheduling has begun.  He will have us check our calendars before assigning a date.  Expect two assignments each year ... Also he has begun programming.  With at least two speaker meetings, a club forum, and a project or social or cancellation for holiday each month, we're looking at about 25 speakers annually.  Each member will have an opportunity to contribute their speaker to the schedule.
John: Is prepared to detail the financial state of the Fireworks project at our Club Forum next week.
District Governor Andy thinks of himself as a team leader rather than a potentate.  He likes the Rotary International theme for the year - Rotary Connects the World - because that has been his experience in the short time he has been in Rotary (prior to joining Rotary, he was a Rotary Spouse, the one who drove Pam to all her doings).  He has traveled to Guatemala with a district team and has seen the impact a simple latrine building can make (there, girls will not attend a school without such facilities).  He visited Cuba on another team to install water filters and when he closed his eyes concluded that children's laughter sounds the same the world over.  In Hamburg at the Rotary Convention, he experienced the common bond the representatives from clubs in 170 countries felt as they gathered to celebrate Rotary's successes and learn of new challenges.  (Hawaii is the convention's next stop and there is a strict limit of 25,000 attendees so don't wait until the last minute to decide to go.)
How well do you know the Rotarian sitting next to you?  It is this thought that prompted him to have a different kind of District Conference this year.  For one thing, it will be in the Fall (Oct 5th) rather than the Spring.  For another, it will be a one-day event (which will sure reduce the cost).  But most importantly, it will be an opportunity for clubs to showcase their projects, and for Rotarians from our 41 clubs to spend the day getting to know one another better and perhaps discover ways to work together.  So, for us, now, we have 8-9 weeks to pull together an exhibit for the Conference.  (Seems more inviting than submitting an item for a silent auction.)
In other remarks, DG Andy encouraged us to think bigger about our support of The Rotary Foundation, and to find ways to allow more folks to join us in our work with fewer obstacles.  He also announced that District 7780's 41st club would be its first e-Club.  It will meet on-line, gathering for a physical meeting only 4 times each year. 
Good luck, Governor.
Megabucks: $353
Editor: Ric
Sep 25, 2019 7:30 AM
Breakfast with the Newmarket Rotaract club
Oct 02, 2019 7:30 AM
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Oct 23, 2019 7:30 AM
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