Dr John Lannamann, Professor in the Communications Dept., teaches Language and Social Interaction to undergraduates at UNH this semester.  He does this entirely remotely since he is 65 and has the option to do so.  He spoke with us about what he has learned since March about how to effectively teach by Zoom.
    - Lighting.  He said that proper lighting is important because non-verbal communication is important and you can’t do that is your students can’t see you and your expressions.  He has found that three-point lighting works best, arrayed around in front of him.  Things to avoid: backlighting, window lighting, computer screen-only lighting, and single-point lighting.
    - Camera positioning.  The camera should never be lower than the head.  You can put a web cam on a tripod (or do as I do and put your laptop on a couple of thick books).
    - Sound quality.  In some setups, the computer’s microphone picks up the fan noise from the computer.  He uses a lapel mike which also allows him to move around in his home “studio”.  His studio can be set up in about 10 minutes and includes a green sheet for a background, various lights, a standing desk, an iPad which he uses (with the software CamTwist) as a “virtual camera”, a tripod with a web cam mounted, his laptop and the lapel mike.  He believes the ancillary equipment could be replicated at Lowe’s for $100 or so.
He thinks that the students at UNH are doing a good job of self-policing. They know what the consequence of an outbreak would be.  He believes they are being tested twice each week.
David took us on a tour of his own home “studio”.
Andy: We’ll be gathering in the Wagon Hill parking lot at 10 AM tomorrow to work on the bridging there.     Those who are distributing masks to police and fire departments and food pantries can send their grip and grin photos to him or to Will or both.
Chuck: Amy’s Frame Shop is now moved into her new quarters on Jenkins Ct.  Thanks to all who helped.
Phil: Next week we’re going to have a speaker talk to us about speed reading.
Rob:  Continues to pull together the details about our November fundraiser to support the turkey drive.  He personally will walk a marathon’s length and is signing up friends and neighbors to sponsor him.  He’s completed a sponsorship letter and will be pleased to share it with the others who will be walking/running/biking next month.  He hopes to get a little help with press coverage and John referred him to his recent email of the budget data for the year ending June 30, 2020 for specifics of what we supported financially.
Ric:  Asked why we’re not doing Highway Cleanups inasmuch as they're outdoors, we’re socially distanced, and we don’t handle the trash with our bare hands.  The short answer, Andy says, is that the DOT will not allow it and will not provide vests or bags.
Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?