Rotary Yard Olympics

The Olympics are coming.  Sign up sheet for volunteers has gone out.  If you haven't signed up or didn't get the sheet, contact Tom Timpone and sign up.
Congratulations to the crew, budget of $500.  Pledged donations of $600.00.  ALREADY IN THE BLACK.  Nice job people.

Speaker - Presentation

Al Howland, Durham Compost Project 

Al Howland, Durham counselor, came and talked about a pilot project in Durham for household compost.  Free to residents, in hopes of reducing waste and waste removal costs.  Phil put out a motion for RCODGB to assist with the project and make it work for all our communities.  It was seconded by Will, and passed on voice vote unanimously.
Right now, Durham has started a pilot with Mr Fox composting and some 20 residents.  The "Compost Challenge".  As part of the test project, drop off Transfer Station is free, they offer household pickup for a fee.
Al is interested in joining our group as well.  We welcome him as a member when the time comes.
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September 10
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