Megan Brule, Rotaract President
    They had their first meeting yesterday.  She and the VP are the only holdovers from last year.  They brought in 14 new members, all freshmen.
    The only project on their plate is the Trick or Treat food collection which they had to cancel last year because of UNH’s Covid restrictions on     
        their movements outsider there dorms and contact with other folks.  Date was not announced.
    Megan’s goal is more projects.  We invited her to the concessions (4 hours) and food pantries (2 hours), and highway cleanup.
    Offered to buy them T shirts.

Old Business

NO MEETING on Oct 6.  We will be working at the Long Marsh Trails.

NO MEETING on Oct 20.  We will be working on the Road Side Clean up

Concessions: Football takes 6, hockey takes 5.  Next football is 10/02; first hockey is 10/08.

Illness: Jud is in physical therapy for 2 more weeks; George is in Portsmouth Hosp, but hospital will not allow non-family visitors.

Recruitment: Chuck is still processing paperwork for his newbie.  Phil will assist.  Kelsey’s name will be removed from the roster as she was never a 

Long Marsh boardwalk project: Oct 6.  Mark Nelson and Ryan Sullivan will join crew.  Bill suggested we start at 8 AM - all agreed.

Clark’s Restaurant as our meeting place: Clark's is still having staffing issues.  They are hoping to be ready in late fall, early winter.

Next Social: 10/07 at Stone Church from 5 to 8.

Road Cleanup: 10/20 from 7:30 for a couple of hours in lieu of meeting.  Ric will pick up the signage.  Remember to bring gloves, bag stick, tick 
    spray and vests is you kept yours in the Spring.  Bags will be provided.

Citrus sales.  Ric discovered a possible problem with shipping addressing on citrus sales website.  Steve will straighten it out and send us all an 

Oyster Festival.  Will, Steve, Dave and Russ are working on it.

Barrington Pavilion: Several ideas floated regarding construction - will be discussed with the member who is lead on the project. Chuck has almost 
    $5,000 from a Celebration of Life service for a deceased motorcyclist in Barrington which could go toward the project and he’ll take it up with 
    the lead.

Speakers: Sarah tells us she does not have a speaker for 10/13.

Lilac Sales: Bill suggested that we buy “Ms Kim” lilacs if we’re going to do a sale.  Species was developed by a UNH faculty member. They stay a 
    reasonable size.

Brochure: Alexx not present at meeting.
T-Shirt ordered?: Steve still getting prices for Alexx.

New Business

Portsmouth Rotary has a golf fundraiser on 10/08 at Pease.  Don’t know the start time.

Andy: Community Reads is delayed until April 2022.  Attendance was not terrific in January.
Tom:  Dover’s recent Shredding Fundraiser was a great success.  People drove through with boxes, gave a donation.  Raised $5,000. The two
     shredding trucks cost $2,000 but they were paid for by local sponsors.  Also, he’s looking into the mechanics of doing a Comedy Night.



Upcoming Events
Long Marsh Trail Repair
Oct 06, 2021
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Evening Social - Stone Church - Newmarket
Oct 07, 2021
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Road Side Clean up - Route 4
Oct 20, 2021
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
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