Jon Millette - Co-Chair Durham Business Association and Manager at Service CU Durham Branch.
DBA is working on new Website to go live in March.  They are reworked their pricing structure for businesses and donated a membership to the Rotary Club.  They are working on a doing a Local Non-Profit Bingo event.  They are going to have Website page for Events, non-profits and fund raisers.


Grant Committee update - Grants went out so far for: Friends of Hyder Hospice House, End 68 Hours fo Hunger - Oyster River, On Belay, Marina's Miles, Out of Darkness Walk, Friends Forever Int., Clean Water for Costa Rica. (Global Grant), Oyster River Bridge, Greatbay Stewards, and Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains.  We still have about 30% in the budget.  Scholarships are due in May.

We received a check from District for us.

District is getting us more masks for first responders next week.

We discussed maybe trying a Hybrid Meeting, however RI is not recommending person meetings until January and we would not be covered by insurance.

Town of Barrington turns 300 next year.  They are looking at having a Parade, fair and fireworks.  They have asked if we want to be involved

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Mar 31, 2021
Shamera Simpson from AFSP NH Chapter
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