Services for Marci Erickson is scheduled for June 30, 10:00am.  St. Thomas Moore, Durham.


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Phil asked all Committee Chairs to write up a Goals and Budget for their committees.  Phil asked for volunteers to assist Committee Chairs with their duties.

Center For Wildlife Project - June 25-26 this week.  On Friday members will be planning the planting and mulching of Saturday.  If you are available, project will start at 0800 and should be done by noon each day.  A little digging, a little planting, not much heavy lifting.

Phil discussed the Tree FundRaiser/Planting.  We are looking for a couple of acres to start.  To plant trees on.  We will purchase the trees from the state and plant them.  We will sell a certificate for planting a tree (as a gift or in honor of a chosen one).  More Details to come.

Tom is working on a Band Stand Pavillion for one of our town.  Will reached out to Barrington, and the Rec. Dept. has land is is looking to build.  It might be a good match. 

Janet brought up how popular our Lilac Sales were in the past, and that it is time to bring them back.  Phil is going to look into purchasing plants.

Alexx talked about doing a mailer to the Bay area residents.  Talk about our projects and discuss fund raising.  She is working on more details.


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