April 24, 2019
Pres. Tom: Steve is still collecting cell phones from the boxes we have out.  We get salvage value or a little more if the phone is given to someone in need.
Pres-elect Russ: Distributed to all the members several copies of a "business card" style invitation to the Celebrate the 4th festivities.  Lots of information on the front and back of the card for parents, donors, sponsors.  Will produced for us.
Andy: Bingo is in good shape.  Our next hole is in June.
The Marina's Miles ambassador, Rob Drugan, came back this morning as Robert Drugan, UNH Professor of Psychology, to talk to us about the benefits of exercise for body and mind.  Some of this interest comes out of his experimental psychology background and research in stress and resilience, but a lot is from his personal experience as a runner which he shared with us.
While exercise at one time was less acceptable as a solo activity, its value is recognized now for a wide array of benefits.  It is still not without risk: orthopedic discomfort, cardiac events, accidents, respiratory infections, electrolyte depletion, arthritis, vertical compression to name a few hazards.  But the health upside rewards the cautious move into a program.
You can look at exercise as either static or dynamic.  Static exercise addresses the need for muscle strength.  Weights to reverse the muscle loss natural with aging, weights to strengthen bones - both are needed to navigate our world safely.  Dynamic exercise is more cardiovascular, normalizing carbohydrate metabolism and boosting the immune system.  Not surprisingly, it can help with stress reduction, and mood elevation.  It even has been found to add learning and memory cells in the brain.
Rob and his wife Connie are headed out in early June for a year-long bike ride around the periphery of the country.  This is the result you can expect when Rob is your patient and you tell him that he can't run anymore.  We wish him easy winds and fair skies.
Megabucks: $287.50
Editor: Ric
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