January 22, 2020
Pres. Russ: The e-meeting on alternatives to current meeting arrangements to grow membership can be accessed on Feb 1st at 10 AM at ... The annual World Understanding and Peace Dinner is scheduled for Feb 20th at 5 PM in Portland.  Interested in car-pooling? See Ric ... We will be trying out the Big Bean in Durham starting with our next meeting on Jan 29th.
Will: A number of grants have been approved - Will will provide a full list.  He's invited others who are interested in our grant program to come speak to the club.
Phil: We have one more Little Free Library to install.
Andy: We support the Oyster River Community Reads.  Their three-month program (Jan 28th - May 14th) focuses on Democracy this year.  They'll lead off with a trivia night at Three Chimneys' tavern starting at 6 PM.  See their events at . 
Tom T: Please check the hockey schedule on our web site and pick some games you'd like to support.  We'll be bringing our banner to all the games.
David: Marina's Miles is looking for a board member.
John: Checks for grants total $1,500.  The Charitable account is at $18K, the Operations account at $4,500, and the Endowment at $73.6K.
Megabucks: $3.50
Editor: Ric
Russell Hampton
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