Speaker - Tom Boisvert

Discussion of Non-Profit work.
Community Toolbox - Group that helps fix up housing for home owners in need.  All volunteer group, self funded with donations, works with us on building projects (like Durham Swap Show).  They mainly work to help people with Safety and Accessibility issues in the home.
Center for the Protection of NH Forests.
Group that does what is implied in the name.  Protect forests.
Center For Wildlife, York Me.
This is a center for education and rehabilitation of Wildlife in Maine.  They deal with 2500 new animals a year, over 190 species, 15000 field calls.  Henry the Porcupine is favorite, I like the baby moose.  They have great trails, and outdoor and indoor exhibits.  


Renee made us a bunch of Pies to sell as a fund raiser.  Apple and Triple Berry.  They are made fresh and frozen.  Just need to heat them up.  She sells them at the Farmers Market for $18.00 Each.  They are great.
Chuck met with the nurses from 3 schools: OR, Newmarket and Barrington.  Gave out a bunch of Boot/Shoe cards.
Sarah got Service Credit Union to donate $750.00 to our Turkey fund this year.  If you would like to add to it, please mail a check to PO Box 102, Durham, NH 03824.
Phil and VFW are collecting clothing for Liberty House.  Phil is making a run this coming week.  If you have clothing to donate, contact Phil.
Bill is working on the Turkey orders.  Probably Pick up on Dec 18/21.  
Steve is working on a new spring fund raiser.  Indian River Citrus Company.  We take orders, and they do all the work.  More info to come.
Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?