April 15, 2020
Our next meeting is a Club Forum, we will be voting on our precipitation with the SunFlower Festival.  
Coppel Hill Farm in Lee, NH invited us to help with the Sunflower Festival.  It is a 9 day fest, 3rd week in July.  One weekend they are hoping we will support an "Evening Laser Show" and event to benefit "Make a Wish NH".  They get 3-5 K visitors per weekend. 
They would like us to commit by May 1.  Flag Hill is one of the largest sponsors and is a food and wine vendor.  
There was discuss about costs, fund raising, support, etc.  Cost for show about $10K.  They sell tickets, $25.00 per person, they sell food, they have a vendor tent, and they was us to help recruit sponsors.
Russ discussed applying for a district grant for first responders PPE and KnowBox Project.
We received a thank you letter for Durham town manager, Todd Selig.  
We received a thank you letter from Monarch Schools and an invitation for tour in the fall when they reopen.
Renee is going to talk to Newmarket High School about scholarships.  We received 2 applications for scholarship from ORHS students.  
Renee asked if we would pay for Graduation Cords for Interact Students, Russ set a motion for that, seconded by Will.  Passed on vote.  Cost of $20.00
Tom T will do some sponsor test calls and bring some more information on Sunflower Fest to the next meeting.
Tom B will reach out to LaserShow suppliers to get pricing.

Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?