Speaker - Will Lenharth

Electronics Recycling 

Electronics can have hazardous materials.  CRTs have Mercury, Laser Carts have Lead, Batteries have LEAD and Lithium.  So recycling things in the right way way is very important.  Most towns we server have Electronics recycling, which is done for a fee.  So companies in the area do it as well, like Lenharth Systems.  
The Rotary discussed working with Lenharth Systems and eWaste to do a Recycling day for a fund raiser.  The Rotary is already collecting Phones for recycling as a fund raiser.  


Happy Veteran's Day
We discussed UNH Sports and trying to work with UNH for a fund raiser.  Since it might be a while before the we can sell hotdogs...
We discussed some grant requests that have come in.  The Grants committee is going to review the list and budget and report back to the group.
Rob discussed his "Run, Walk, or Roll fund raiser.  
John B discussed Turkey fund raising.  Suggested since we are not doing breakfast or 50/50, that members wishing to make their donations could do so now for turkeys.  Make Check our to Rotary Club of Durham Greatbay and mail them to PO Box 102, Durham, NH 03824
Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?