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Phil will be reaching out to committee chairs to schedule a 2021-2022 planning meeting.

Fruit Fund Raiser - is closing soon.  We met the goal of 100 trays.  Currently we have 108 trays, 66 orders.

Phil gave us an update of the Center for Wildlife project.  He is working on schedule and lining up volunteers and landscape companies.  Plus sourcing materials.

Andy is working on an updated Trail Maintenance Plan.

Will is working with Durham Swap Shop on Plan and schedule to finish up shelving.  Date to TBA soon.

We all want to congratulate Janet Wall on her election to Madbury Select Board.  Keep up the great work.

Steve and Ric are going to look into the Route 4 clean up.  See if DOT wants us to do it again.

Sarah is working with UNH Relay for Life, she will be donated some of the left over prices from the Lawn Olympics.

Phil is going to talk to Bill and discuss reviving the Lilac Sale.

We received Thank You letters from Friends Forever and On Belay.  Steve of FFI offered his location for our meetings.

We voted to expand our Scholarship Program to Trade School students.  John will get the word out.


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