April 17, 2019
Pres. Tom: The Durham Memorial Day Parade will form up on Mill Pond Rd at 9:30 AM on May 27th ... The Community Action Program has asked for our help on Apr 27th at 8:30 AM for a building project ... Membership development is a hot item at District and we're #1 in the District (% increase) ... We have a Thank You note from the Girls Scouts for our recent support.
John: May 17th is our deadline for return of scholarship applications from our high school students ... Spoke to a $500 grant proposal from the Grants Committee to sponsor the Great Bay 5K which supports the non-profit Great Bay Stewards which runs the Great Bay Discovery Center.  Approved by vote of the members.
Andy: Bingo shifts we must cover with one member each are 5 - 8 PM and 6:30 - 9:30 PM.
Will: The building project at the Durham Swap Shop involves enclosing the back and adding shelving.  We'll find a Wednesday to work on it in lieu of a meeting ... Jul 4th news: Make a Difference landscaping will bring their equipment in the day after to sweep the field of fireworks debris saving us a lot of work.
Bill D: The Spring highway cleanup is scheduled for May 8th.  We'll meet at the truck stop in lieu of a meeting.  More later.
Steve: The Sweet Trail bridge Andy tells us will need a few planks replaced this Fall ... With all the events on our calendar, it's the perfect time to invite folks you're thinking of proposing for membership to work with us on a project.
Pres-elect Russ: Dues at District and RI have gone up, but no impact on ours yet ... The incoming DG, Andrew Glazier (Kittery Club), is scheduled for an Official Visit on Jul 24th ... A small group will gather in his office for another session of "Dialing for Dollars" (sponsor calls) for Jul 4th today ... There's a group in town interested in working with us if we're going to do another QuackFest this Fall.
Megabucks: north of $270
Editor: Ric
Upcoming Events
DGBR Changeover Dinner
Jun 27, 2019
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?