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Guatemala Literacy Project
Gave a great talk about The Project and Rise Scholarship program.  They have over 1000 projects in Guatemala having to do with purchasing text books, computers, scholarships, and schools.  
To sponsor a student is $80.00 per month.
Tom B - Suggested we give one of our student scholarships to this program.  The grants committee will discuss the request.


IN PERSON MEETING - We are working with Clark's Bistro in Durham, for our first in person meeting a while.  They are opening just for us.  

Change Dinner, June 19, Lee Little River Park 1700 Burgers and Dogs will be provided.  This is will be a Pot Luck affair, Stephen Kniaz is coordinating food.

Madbury Library Planting, May 15, 0800-1200 Bring gloves, shovel and rake if possible.

Wildlife Center Planting, May 22, 0800-1200  More details to follow from Phil.

Rotary Club Scholarship - At this time we have one application from a St. Thomas student.  Application period ends Friday.

Roadside Clean up - June 9 0730 - looks like the winner for the date.  So project will be our weekly meeting.  Meet at the Truck pull off on Route 4 in Durham.  Tom has vests, Ric has signs and bags.


Ric brought up that St. Thomas Moore has a Honduos Literacy Project too.

Steph reminded us Russ is working on an Ambulance project for a town in Guatemala.


May 12, 2021
Guatemala Literacy Project
Jun 02, 2021
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