Speaker - AIR Director - Deb Hollaway
AIR is a Arts based support group for teens.  They serve about 75 teens per year.  Over 300 active programs: Fashion, Music, Visual Arts, Painting, Writing, etc.  They are looking to "franchise" to grow,  and help local groups read their great work. 
August 20, 2020 - Change Over Event
Our president change over event.  Will be held at Lee River Park.  Pres. is looking for members to volunteer for committee to create the event.
LongMarsh Trails Project
The group worked for 2 days last week.  We installed 17 boards, need about 30 more boards and will have to plan at least one more day.
With timber planks provided by the Town of Durham, the Rotary Club of Durham-Great Bay provided the labor to replace numerous planks on the bog bridges on the Sweet Trail in Durham. Parallel to a large beaver dam, the walking bridge connects the rte 108 side to the Durham Point Rd side of Longmarsh Rd. Beaver undermining f the original bridge led to flooding and submerging of the originals bridge. New construction raised the bridge and stabilized it. More work needs to be done to complete the renovation. The Town of Durham has been asked if they can provide the additional materials. While doing the repairs, numerous hikers thankedp mo us for doing this project.
Club Dues
Reminder, invoices went out in late June.  Please submit payments by check to PO box 102, Durham.
Club voted to donate $500.00 in Cathy Drapeau's name for a cure and support of Scleroderma.  There will be a Mass 11:15 AM, August 16, Sunday,  in  Cathy‚Äôs memory at
St. Thomas Moore, Durham, NH.
Marina's Miles
Opened Registration for the virtual race.
Rotary Golf Event
Chuck and Tom are will working on a Sept. event plan.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Spouse Birthdays
Cheryl Clancy
July 11