Rahana Latulippe from TD Bank in Newmarket, NH 
She talked about the bank and its focus on Community Banking, events, and support.  She discussed free accounts and support for non-profits.  Offered to assist us with fund raising and community efforts.
TD recommends we apply for funds before Oct 31 for the upcoming year, but local branches have support options as well.


Fund Raiser - Fruit Drive - Currently at 42 orders, with 40 days left.

Alexx Monastiero from Gove Group Real Estate, talked briefly about wanting to join our group.  She lives and works in Newmarket.

We are creating a Vision Committee, Will will is starting it off.  If you are interested, please contact Will.

We discussed future speakers.  If you have any ideas on Speakers or connections talk to Phil about available dates.

Projects - This Spring we have a few projects coming up.  Trial Maintenance, Madbury Library, Durham Swap Shop, and working to see what projects we can help with in Barrington, Newmarket and Lee.

Check your Email for RI Directory Dialogue, from President Elect.  RI sent out an invite on 2/23/21.  Look  for it, it should be a good talk for open to everyone.



Mar 03, 2021
TDB services.
Mar 31, 2021
Shamera Simpson from AFSP NH Chapter
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