February 26, 2020
Sarah: In news from the DBA, Durham is willing to program an event in July (11th?) on the UNH campus.  She is looking for an opportunity for us to participate.
Phil: He'll be assigning speaker dates to members alphabetically and will be in touch with each member to make sure that the date works for them.  The schedule will credit members with speakers they've brought to the club earlier in the 2019-2020 term ... He thanks all those who brought in their extra "Rotarian" magazines.  He'll redistribute them, and - following Jan's suggestion - secured commitments from other members to bring one to their town's library.
David: As a board member of Marina's Miles, he was pleased to announce that the race will be held on Saturday, April 18th.  At the moment, they're looking for a band.  He'll bring in a sign-up sheet next week for us to staff the food prep area, one of the two water stations, sign-in tables, etc.
Steve: Asked that next year's board members meet with him to begin goal setting, identifying programs to undertake, and budgeting for that work.  First meeting will be at the Big Bean on Tuesday, Mar 2nd at 4 PM.  One of his goals will be to grow the club to 30+.  (Ed.  District conference call on that very subject is scheduled for this Saturday, Feb 29th at 10 AM.  Here's how to join the call: to join online:
or, to phone in:   646-558-8656     meeting ID:  820 925 2012.)
Membership development comments: Tom B: He'll work up another order of club business cards.  They're a painless way to invite a guest to one of our speaker meetings.  Phil: We should do projects that would be beneficial to and attract participation by families like building or rehabbing a playground.  Perhaps, at the conclusion of a project, we plant a memorial tree.s  Jan: Our projects need to be visible to the public and draw in participation by other groups.  Chuck: Newmarket Community Church reached out to organizations like ours for help with food movement last week.  They got a great response from 20 strangers looking to contribute to the community.
Steve: Remember we're meeting back at Flag Hill next week.
Megabucks: $103
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Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?