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We started with a lengthy discussion about changing our name, meeting times, and memberships.
We are moving a "winter schedule" of 2 meetings per month until January 2022 (as a test).  Since we have a lot of activities, projects and events.
We will meet the first Wednesday of each month, at Friends Forever Int. on Morgan Way in Durham at 0730.  This will be a meeting with a speaker.  The third Wednesday of each month we will meet at Clark's Bistro in Durham at 17:00 (5PM).  
1st Wed - FFI Meeting 0730
3rd Wed - Clark's Bistro 1700


We will have the last day fo bridge repairs in Nov. at the LongMarsh Trails.  Date TBA.  Waiting on more lumber.
Jud is home and available for visits.  Home number to coordinate visits, 659-2762
George is also home, more details to follow.
Citrus Sale Fund Raiser is moving along slowly.
Route 4 Road side clean up is out next meeting Oct 20.
Meet at the Truck stop in Durham on Route 4 at 0730.
Alexx is working on updates to the Brochure and T-shirt design.  Will send out proofs for comment soon.
Please check the Football and Hockey sign up, please sign up to help.


Upcoming Events
Road Side Clean up - Route 4
Oct 20, 2021
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
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