February 19, 2020
Pres. Russ: There's still one way left to get into the World Understanding and Peace Dinner tomorrow.  Contact Deb Marsolais ( for reservations ... Our last meeting at Big Bean will be next week.  The following week, Mar 4th, we'll be back at Flag Hill.  More discussion is sure to follow.
Tom B: We have one more hockey game and with John in, we're good with five.  There may be other events like commencement in May, but otherwise we're out of business until football season ... Every organization is losing members as people's lives go uptempo, but think about what button got pressed to get you to join us and let that be your starting point when you talk to your friends, colleagues, neighbors.  Perhaps one of the businesses you work with would be open to sponsoring one of their officers for membership.  John suggested that raiding the senior centers is only part of the answer; we need to appeal to the younger set perhaps with a social evening meeting once a month.  Ric added that several clubs are doing community projects that are super low cost and repetitive e.g. Student of the Month recognitions or serving dinners at the senior center once a month.  Perhaps we want to couch our dues in terms of the monthly equivalent ($12.50) to make it less of an obstacle.  If you need some help, talk to Tom or Phil.
Phil: Speaking of seniors, can you bring in your Rotarian magazines after you've read them for placement in e.g. Riverwoods? (Ed.  There's an interesting interview with Bill Gates in this month's.)
Steve: Mentioned that he will start holding meetings of his board in the evening hopefully starting soon to begin building the budget and identifying projects and groups to propose for support for next year.  He also would like to have a board larger than the executive-style board we have now.
John: Distributed a flyer of all the events scheduled by Community Reads on the general theme of Democracy.  What a great subject this year!
Tom T:  Would like to receive from members as many ideas as possible for future fund raisers.  He's mentioned several on his mind e.g. paper bag parade for the kids, a flag parade, a bocci tournament.  Ric reminded us that some of our best ideas were stolen from other clubs when we "made up" at one of their meetings; and maybe a quick way to do that for this would be to get up on other clubs' websites to see what they're up to and follow up on the ones we think would work best around here.
Sarah's guest Wes: He's been in Lee since 2006 in software sales.  He and his wife have quit their jobs and started a non-profit called the Four Rivers Project (Ed. Did not find a website).  It's general object is to build community by addressing community problems.  There's a religious component to the work drawing in the churches and temples in the area.  We're likely to hear more of this organization's work and perhaps have found a new partner.
Megabucks: $41 "plus whatever we collected in the last 3 weeks"
Ed.  Ric
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?