Ric Erickson - Discuss Process for new members
Ric will be sending out a document to the membership about this process in detail.
In short - Invite the candidate to a meeting.
After they have come to a meeting, and are still interested. 
The sponsor submits the proposal form to the secretary, so the secretary can vet the candidate.
After they are vet'ed the secretary moves the form to th Membership committee.
Committee will invite the candidate to a Orientation.
Secretary informs club and asks for written objections.
When all is clear, Secretary sets up an induction.
Process will take at least 2 weeks, short be less than 4.


Discuss Zoom training for members

Discuss Fund Raising Ideas - 

Fall - Wagon Hill Event, Race, Fireworks, BBQ

Indian River fund raising.  Waiting on IR.




Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?