July 31, 2019
Pres. Russ: Presented Ann with the pin for her second Paul Harris Fellowship ... Distributed paper copies of his budget for the year and made a couple of small changes.  There was much discussion concerning how income should be booked, i.e. in the Charitable account, or in the Operational account and later transferred as required to the Charitable account (this was taken up later by the Board).
Will:  We've come up about $5K short to-date on Fireworks, but about $2,700 is expected from sponsors and some food trucks. This already accounts for the loan from the Endowment Fund which will be paid back (timing will be decided by the Board).  Attendance was down about 30% from last year.  Will suggested the lack of radio advertising ($5K worth was donated last year) may have contributed.
Phil: Locations for the four Little Free Library kiosks are set. Still have to set them in and stock them.
Ric: Spoke to the unusual District Conference that's on the calendar for Oct 5th.  It is starting the year rather than ending it.  It's 1 day so there will be no hotel expense.  The focus is on sharing what each club in the district is up to with most of the time in the hands of attendees rather than speeches.
So, Renee flies in from Paris late the night before the meeting and brings us a totally awesome breakfast.  Bien pour vous.
Megabucks: $361.50
Editor: Ric
Aug 21, 2019
Aug 28, 2019
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