Monthly Forum - 
This weeks meeting was  club forum.  We had a good discuss about projects, fund raising, C19, etc.
Andy discussed Long Marsh Trails, town is working on getting materials.
Ric discussed reaching out the Madbury Town Library to offer assistance with exteriors.
Someone brought up that some clubs are increasing dues to help off-set losses from lake of meetings.  
This really didn't go anywhere.
We discussed doing On-line Fund Raiser and Possibly working sponsoring On-Line Road Race.
Marina's Miles will be doing an on-line race
It was discussed that we need to get on NH Gives List.
Tom B is working on a virtual Fireworks Fundraiser.
Tom and Chuck are working a Powder Major event, maybe Pinacolata night or IceCream social.
We discussed the need to plan a time and location for change over night/meeting.
Stay safe everyone.