Speaker - Brian Ferguson, Flag Hill Winery
1.  Brian spoke a bit about his career and when he bought Flag Hill in 2015.
2.  Started manufacturing hand sanitizer at the beginning of COVID.  It was difficult to get ethanol for the first 3 weeks so they spent 24 hours a day producing it.
3.  Now primary focus is farm products.  Grain land is now being used to grow vegetables.  One acre.  They can't currently have weddings so they will grow vegetables, pigs and chickens.  Going to have a "Hello Fresh" type program.  People can sign up and get a membership.  A quick meal service type of thing.
4.  The next year is going to be difficult.  Governor has not made a decision about fully opening up and hospitality/service industry is suffering. His largest customer is the NH Liquor Commission.
5.  There was a question about stimulus and PPP and his opinions about the programs.  Business solvency across the hospitality and service industry is suffering.  Only time will tell.
6.  Get the message out to buy local.  Instead of buying "big box" liqueur and wine buy from NH.  They major companies will make it but the small local business may not.  Support them.
7.  Discussion with Brian about a possible fundraiser for Rotary delivering alcohol and other things.  This will be researched.
Janet Wall had a correction in the Dingy.  "We discussed district matching funds for food pantries, and we are going to donate more to the 3 Lee/Stratham/Newmarket."
Should be St. Thomas More instead of Stratham.
Administrative Notes:  
Tom B./Will L. - We will be building shelves at the Durham Transfer Station at 8 am, 5-28-2020.  If you have cordless drills please bring them.  Community Toolbox will be assisting.
Will L. (read by Steve I think) - Thank you note from Oyster River Model UN for the donation.
Phil A. - Asked Tom B. if he can get the Wildlife Center to talk.
Ric E. - Boody Rock in Madbury has been cleaned.  Ric did much of the work and Janet W. helped as well.  John B. is working on the pedestal.
Steve K. - Russ S. is working on a District grant.  David will sign as the Foundation Chair.
There was some discussion on when restaurants would open in Durham.
Tom B. - Will we be having a change-over dinner?  I think the answer is yes.
Dick Hall (District Rep.) - Spoke about "This is your Rotary" on-line series that is being put on by the Portland Sunrise Club.  There will be an on-line Rotary International Convention that will be conducted over 4 days.  He said that fundraising has been an issue across the District.
Malcolm McNeill (AG) - Most Clubs are trying to do business as usual on-line.  Some Clubs have taken a step back.  Fundraising - Think out of the box.  Be creative.